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10 Featured Cars in Car Market 2011

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta - Throughout 2010 and then, or even before a number of car manufacturers has launched a concept car that will last their production and marketed in 2011. A number of advanced features, attractive design, and a variety of engine options they offer.
Only, amid increasingly fierce competition certainly not all cars will occupy the top position in sales. As a result, not least among the producers to postpone the launch as one of the few marketing strategies that run.
So who the car manufacturers who will launch this car in 2011? What car are expected to hit the world automotive market?
Here are 10 cars that superior would be a mainstay throughout 2011 based on records collected by the page, Saturday (1 / 1):

1. Toyota FT-86
Collaboration between the sports car Toyota Motors Corporation (Toyota) with Fuji Heavy Industries, car manufacturer Subaru, mentioned going to be launched in the title of New York Auto Show 2011 which will be held April 2011.
Hachiroku nicknamed this car uses the concept of a sporty 2 +2 seats and adopt a RWD Corolla AE86 style.
Although the FT-86 is claimed to be environmentally friendly cars, but still give priority to the speed which has been the excellence of Toyota and Subaru. Sport sedan is equipped with 2,000 cc four-cylinder engine that ejects power to 200 horsepower.
Much power is channeled to the wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. The car's rear wheel using the brakes ADVICS.
2. New Chevrolet Camaro Z28
This car will be equipped with 6200 cc V8 engine that powered 426-550 horsepower. During this time, the machine is used by the Cadillac CTS-V which is also manufactured by General Motors, Chevrolet's parent company.
The latest generation of the Camaro Z28 is expected to be one of several backbone Chevrolet sales in 2011.
3. Hyundai Veloster
Veloster was developed with the latest generation of code by using platform Hyundai FS Cee'd a front-wheel drive. Standard type uses direct injection 1600 cc engine-powered 138 horsepower. Another type 2500 cc engine-powered 205 horsepower.
Coupe cars made by Hyundai Motors Corporation is using a dual-clutch transmission with six levels of acceleration. South Korean manufacturer's claim that thanks to the last transmission of the fuel consumption could save 5-7 percent.
Hyundai said that its products be competing with the Renault Megane and Volkswagen Scirocco.
4. BMW M5
BMW M5 Sedan The new version will use 4.400cc V8 engine and uses two turbochargers. The machine was claimed to be capable of generating power up to 555-578 horsepower and 530 lb torque. Acceleration from rest to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour (kph) was achieved in just 4.5 seconds.
The car is capable of racing up to 248 kph transmission device was equipped with dual-clutch seven-level acceleration. The plan is super sedan will be launched on the carpet at the 2011 Paris Auto Show next October.
5. Volkswagen New Midsize Sedan
Volkswagen (VW) said the latest sedan uses 30-40 percent of the parts belong to the VW Jetta. The manufacturer believes that the presence sedan will be able to compete with the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima and Honda Accord.
About price, VW claims will offer it in the range of U.S. $ 20 thousand, or approximately USD 180 million with a sales target of 150 thousand units per year.
Since early October 2010, VW has made the production process of the medium sedan at its plant located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States. Previous VW has poured funds no less than U.S. $ 1 million or around Rp 9 billion for plant expansion.
The plan, the car was launched in the mat North America International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2011, 10 January next.
6. Porsche 918 Spyder
The car will be produced at the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen was priced at 500,000 euros, or about USD 5.8 billion for the European region. The model was equipped with a V8 engine and an electric motor. Power generated a combined two power sources are capable of spraying power 500 horsepower.
Porsche claims this car emissions level of only 70 grams per kilometer. The speed is quite super, which is 320 kilometers per hour (kph). While acceleration from rest to a speed of 100 kph reached in just 3.2 seconds
7. Aventador Lamborghini LP700-4
This car is carrying the 6500 cc V12 engine that can generate power of 700 horsepower and torque of 680 Newton meters (Nm). The plan, Lamborghini launch it on the mat Geneva Motors Show 2011 which takes place next March.
Aventador LP700-4 is claimed capable of racing up to 347 kilometers per hour (kph). Acceleration from rest to a speed of 100 kph is achieved in 2.9 seconds.
8. Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe 2012
Cars made by Mercedes-Benz coupe will be launched in the mat North America International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2011 in Detroit in January. Offered in several variants. Standard type 1,800 cc four-cylinder engine equipped with a turbocharger. The machine was claimed to be capable of producing 201 horsepower. Another type of power-powered 302.
Besides Mercedes also offered in variant C63 AMG Black Series. This variant consists of two types, namely model 4700 cc engine with twin turbo V8 that produces 430 horsepower. The second type is, the model 5500 cc V8 engine that produces 563 horsepower.
9. Audi Coupe Quattro
Audi Quattro was first introduced in the mat Paris Auto Show, in October 2010. It uses cross-car coupe 2500 cc V8 engine and dual clutch transmissions from the RS5.
Five-cylinder turbocharged engine is capable of spraying power 408 horsepower, and torque of 354 Newton meters (Nm). Audi cooperation with Volkswagen AG subsidiary, Italdesign Giugiaro in working on this car.
10. 2012 Honda Civic
Honda Motors is currently finalizing preparations reportedly launch the latest generation Honda Civic hatchback. Car engine began to be marketed in 2011 was not changed compared to previous generations.
Honda admitted Friday to complete it with a number of features on the exterior and interior of both cars. Front grille using a honeycomb design, wrapped in sheets Alcantra leather interior, alloy rims of the GT version of the Civic, are among the new features.
This hatchback car manufactured in this type of SE and Si. Both still use the 1400 cc engine and 1800 cc engine. The first type uses two 16-inch rim. The 1800 cc engine type using size 17 inches.
1,800 cc engine called i-VTEC engine capable of generating power up to 140 horsepower. Fuel consumption is only 6.7 liters per 100 kilometers and dump gas emissions no more than 155 grams per kilometer.
Honda did not mention the maximum speed that can be grasped car. However, the speed acceleration from rest to a speed of 100 kilometers per hour claimed in just 8.9 seconds.

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