Sunday, September 18, 2011

Honda Supra X 125, Balancer 300 Gram
Balancer is intended to round lightweight crutch too lightly. Intended to play on the short tracks to make the machine more quickly shouted. Like the Supra X 125 posted on June geberan U.S. Aries Son of Honda MPM-150 M INK Rextor. Only 300 grams.

"Whereas usually 500 or 600 grams. Now only 300 grams for the straight track Kemayoran least 170 meters long and a lot of corners rolling speed, "explains Saipul AP, mechanics who take care of the U.S. races in June. 
In theory, if the pursuit of high top-speed as needed crutches or a heavy pendulum. But the acceleration to be more severe. So using the pendulum of the most lightly. In order for the engine rev up fast and also easy to accelerate.

Balance is a lightweight balancer, gears are also made lightly. In order to initially pull lighter so coy. Using a 13/47 sprocket wheels, usually 13/45.

Another tip is applied to the steady acceleration in spuyer. Made small-jet pilot, using a Mikuni TM28 wear size 30. 40 instead of the usual applications.

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