Friday, September 23, 2011

2012, Indonesia Produces Cheap Car
Cluster cars IV costs around Rp 30 to 40 million per unit. While the price of low cost cars will be sold at a price range of Rp80 million per unit. This low-cost car production to boost the domestic automotive industry. "In order to turn over the policy more quickly, so do not hold that demand," said Edy in his office, in the region of Lapangan Banteng, Jakarta, Wednesday (4 / 5).

Cheap car is expected to be a national car because the components that is used is local products. The plan, production of cheap cars will be produced by PT INKA or joint venture.

He said the production of cheap cars is not contrary to government policy that will save the use of fuel oil, a cheap car because it will use gas fuel. In addition there will be fiscal policies that govern the more expensive the older the car tax, progressive tax policy and no stimulation, for example, there are areas that would attract the old car, it will be zero percent tax.

The government will liberate luxury sales. With this policy the car is no longer defined as a luxury item, because it is the needs of the community. Furthermore, he said people will move to cheaper car. "It's supporting his policy," said Edy.

In the long run, Edy added will bring up the trend of car rental car ownership patterns. "Will there be leasing policy, will not likely pass a car, hire expatriates only, rather than pay for mending leasing vehicle registration," he said.

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