Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ducati Releases Streetifighter 848 “evo” now ducati streetfighter which gets the title "the best naked bike of the year" for two consecutive years is considered appropriate only used by the experienced biker. Instead the desire to have Streetfighter because it is more "calm" also appears. Hence Ducati releases Streetfighter 848-based Ducati 848evo machine. 
to be more calm, the power of Streetfighter 848 is cut to be "only" 132 hp compared to variant versions 848evo bikes that reach 140 hp and a translucent version of the 1098 155 hp in standard conditions. Besides the standard brakes replaced the version of "monoblock"-style radial Brembo MotoGP become common variants. After all, according to them, Brembo brakes are qualified enough.
although some features reduced, but instead on that, safety features are improved. One of them is the installation of ABS brakes and traction control active ducati 8 level sensitivity. Well this is what makes SF848 more comfortable and safer ride for the beginner biker. Interested? Early next year, this bike is really present in Indonesia, via the Official ATPM Ducati Indonesia

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